The Belgian Building Research Institute is a private research institute for the Belgian construction contractors and sector. The main mission is to perform applied research in the construction industry, in order to improve its competitiveness.
The BBRI has three main tasks:
· to perform scientific and technical research
· to supply technical information, assistance and advice
· to contribute to the general innovation and development in the construction sector, by performing research upon the request of the industry and the authorities.
The BBRI pools on the expertise of more than 250 highly skilled and motivated staff members coming from various educational backgrounds, working in multidisciplinary teams depending on the treated subject.

Why they joined the co.building ecosystem?

BBRI’s main missions are perfectly in line with the goal of developing innovative ideas and solutions for societal problems and challenges for the construction sector. Within market oriented services as C-Tech in Brussels, BBRI wants to actively cooperate and contribute to new solutions and their practical implementation by frontrunning companies, using its yearlong experience and vast knowledge on the construction sector in terms of technical and organisational aspects.