The “Confederation Construction Bruxelles-Capitale / Confederatie Bouw Brussel-Hoofdstad  (CCBC/CBBH)” is the regional part of “CNC/NCB (Confédération Nationale de la Construction / Nationale Confederatie Bouw)”. The Confederation Construction represents for over 16.000 affiliated small, medium-sized and large Belgian firms which are active in every possible area of the construction industry. The CCBC/CBBH represents the construction firms active in Brussels area and defend their interests. We also provide numerous services for our companies, including specialized and customized training, and give help and advice in all the fields of the construction activities.

Why they joined the co.building ecosystem?

We are participating in Co-Building because vision and innovation are our core values #1 and we believe that innovation and creativity are the keys to a more positive and sustainable future ! Furthermore, we are convinced that the energy performance of buildings, the smart building and cities and the circular economy are elements that can enable the construction sector to recover from the actual crisis and relaunch itself in the most sustainable development possible.