For more than one hundred years now, Extensa’s behavior has been in conformity with all the aspects of what we now call sustainable development. Not only have we been following the most advanced standards technically, the company always pursued its true beliefs in respect, fairness and diversity of people and viewpoints. With a substantial investment portfolio and an array of exciting development projects, all supported by our professional team, Extensa is ready for another century of extending and exciting cities. Extensa Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ackermans & van Haaren (listed on Euronext), a Belgian diversified services group.

Why they joined the co.building ecosystem?

Enhancing cities by diversifying respectful mixed-use quarters, that is the mission of Extensa. As part of the Belgian investing group Ackermans & van Haaren (‘AvH’), Extensa is driven by social and environmental responsibility impacting the whole group. Awarded with several prizes, the Gare Maritime project is the perfect effigy of Extensa’s holistic sustainable approach. The Tour & Taxis site in Brussels is a perfect example, which reflects the three key pillars of Extensa: lively community, eco-positive & innovative approach. However, although delivered projects are already promising, Extensa is now looking to share their understanding of sustainable development and get ready for the future completing its own experience by joining the ecosystem.