Neanex is an expert in information management and provides expertise and tooling to really know your asset inside out. At Neanex, we believe a sustainable world starts at having the right insights in the current state of information. Without having those insights, it’s not possible to make use of those assets to the fullest, to assure proper operability and availability, to plan needed investments and renovations, to increase the added value of your asset throughout its lifecycle and beyond. We developed Neanex Portal, a Digital Twin Register, based on the newest technologies and challenging the status quo in AECO industry. Our foundation is built upon OPEN STANDARDS, to be sure YOU own your data – Always! We have focus and fit within a BEST-OF-BREED strategy, where everyone uses his tool of choice. We believe in an ECOSYSTEM to increase maturity levels across different industries in information management.

Why they joined the co.building ecosystem?

We believe that having real insight in asset information can deliver a lot of value to asset owners and the communities that they serve by providing sustainable and smart places. As we have experience in collaboration in ecosystems, like Horizon2020 project Sphere, and we believe in a best of breed approach to really enable the value of ecosystems; co.building gives opportunities to deliver great solutions for the real estate industry and all communities that will use the buildings and build environment of the future. We are excited to deliver and share our international experience guarding interoperability, common data language and how you can really leverage digital information to reach higher sustainable goals. Interaction with industry leaders is a must to reach a profound approach and co.building would be a great place to do so.