With over 900,000 passengers a day, SNCB aims to be the solution for comfortable and sustainable mobility in Belgium. Its ultimate goal is to satisfy its customers to the extent that they see trains as an obvious solution to their transportation requirements. For this reason, SNCB is investing in a customer-oriented transport model, punctual and well-maintained trains and comfortable, functional stations with seamless connections to other intermodal forms of transport. Each day, passengers are the core concern of SNCB’s 17,500 staff.

Why they joined the co.building ecosystem?

The Belgian Railway launched in 2020, a company-wide “”New Way of Working”” Program in order to implement a major cultural change, to realize cost reductions, to increase efficiency and the company attractiveness and to realize our sustainability goals.

– The NWOW program includes Brick, Bytes and behavioural aspects (physical workplaces, new offices, digitalization, corporate culture, change management, innovative work organization, etc.).

– Our participation to this initiative is to acquire a deeper understanding on how we will work and live in the future, so we can integrate those dimensions in our Program. Meet other company’s struggling with the same questions as we have, in order to share, inspire and get inspired.

– As transport company we would like to see how other companies are dealing with the post COVID era, so that we can understand the impact on our core business (public transport).