One of the largest academic institutions in Belgium, ULB delivers more than 1000 hours a day of high education to more than 35000 students, one third of which are international, from 140 different nationalities. Innovation is at home at ULB: in Research and Education, but also in redefining its societal impact, by e.g. setting up joint initiatives with other academic institutions and regional players to help companies and citizens apprehend digital transformation and circular economy for a more resilient society.

Why they joined the co.building ecosystem?

While I manage digital innovation for an institutional organization, I fully understand and appreciate how modern innovation has become open, transversal, agile and multidisciplinary, cuts across silos and must be tackled from the value-to-user perspective. SmartCampus was originally developed for internal use only, but it has now grown to a fully professional, secure and modern infrastructure outside players could tremendously benefit from. Actively bringing this tool and our expertise in co.building is our way to impact society in a positive way.